One question to guide you through life's important choices.

Life is Full of Choices

Knowing that the highest purpose of human life is to worship the Creator of the universe, there is a most important question to ask as you face each of life's important choices...

   Am I worshiping the Creator?

Worship is a choice. When you are required to make an important choice, ask yourself which of your options will most glorify God. You were created by God with a free will, and so choices are a fact of life. You are fulfilling life's purpose when you make a choice that is an act of worship toward the One who created you.

How can I know that I am worshiping God with the choices I make?
No one is born knowing how to handle all the choices that will be presented to them during their life. Everyone must be taught how to handle life's important choices. Guidance on how to make choices that will glorify God can be obtained by...
          Read and study the Holy Bible, the written Word of God.
          Seek to follow the ways of the Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
          Seek the advice of others who worship God and follow Jesus Christ.
          Be willing to receive the grace of God.
          Be willing to receive the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus Christ.
          Pray directly to God for help and guidance.
          Pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
          Through your choices obey God's command to love Him and love others.