Worship The Creator

The Highest Purpose of Human Life is to
Worship the Creator of the Universe
Worship - love, praise, glorify, extol, please, honor, revere, serve, follow, 
obey, trust, fear, give thanks to, pray to, keep the commandments of
the - one, no other  
Creator - living God, Lord Almighty, eternal King, heavenly Father 
of the Universe - heaven and earth  

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Every person can fulfill life's purpose, but many will not because...
1. Some will not fulfill life's purpose because they have never been taught that the Creator of the universe exists and deserves to be worshiped.
2. Others will not fulfill life's purpose because they
refuse to believe what they have been taught and do not accept that the Creator exists.
3. Some will accept the Creator's existence, but
see no need or have no desire to worship the Creator.
4. Many will simply
ignore life's purpose because they are so focused on their own personal concerns and desires.

  No one can fulfill life's purpose while ignoring God, who is the Creator.

  How can I fulfill life's purpose?  Answer...


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